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'The very machinery of our cognition that makes us intelligent and adaptive also makes us perpetually vulnerable to self deceptive, self-destructive behaviours.'
- John Verveake

The Lab 🧪 

Personal computers, the internet and economic forces have caused an unprecedented shift in the shape of education. Despite having the world's knowledge at your fingertips, learning online and in person is far from optimal. Humanity's latent potential is being undermined. 

Much of what passes for educational technology is designed for purposes of profit-seeking, surveillance of students, and user lock-in. We see an opening, not only for technology to enhancing learning towards job and work opportunities, but also to deepen our empathy, connectedness and character.

The Lab's goal is to research humane learning spaces that embrace the diversity of a learner's curiosities, values, inspirations and intelligences. Our goal is to trial learning spaces blended with new technologies where the norms and interactions around pedagogy, curriculums and assessments are quite different.

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Support and be Supported

Assisted Introspection

Experiment and Build

Augmented Intelligence

  • Second Brain and PKM
  • Idea-to-Reality Stack
  • Knowledge cartography.
  • A.I. assisted learning 

Develop and Cultivate 

Pedagogy, and Wisdom

  • How to teach & learn
  • Self mastery
  • Cultivating meaning in life 
  • Parenting Strategies

Open Research 🐢

Redesign Education: Horizon 2030 | Foresight

Using UNESCO's 'Futures Literacy' methodology to sense emerging technologies which will disrupt and change the shape of education systems.

The Pedagogy of Tools for Thought | Expr. Program

Envisioning beyond Tools for Thought as narrowly defined technological objects. Developing the social practices for them as cultural objects of pedagogical transformation.

Tweet Thread

Learning Ecosystems | Validation & Tech Spec

A self-directed learning-approach to open world education via a technologically connected web of learning objects, facilities, experiences and the skilled people.  

Donations & Funding Via Open Collective

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Hello wonderful human. Serj here. I'm a learning experience designer, researcher and learning futurist.  

My research explores questions around agency, cog-sci of learning and humane technology.

Underlying my research is a belief; That children are the key to the shackles created by the shortcomings of older generations. Their imaginations are the portal between this world and the future. Opening their creative aperture is an opening of our collective possibility of new worlds and harmonious ways of being together.

About Me & Research