Hello wonderful human. Serj here. I'm just a future parent who's passionate about creating tools and environments for my child/children's flourishing. But before they enter the world I hope the things I create will be useful to other kids, teens, adults and all our 'inner child'. 

I'm a researcher focused on what it looks like to design learning experiences and humane technologies from our nervous systems-up using leading cognitive science research.

This naturally requires me to broaden the notion of education beyond just what occurs in schooling and opens up new lines of designing things. 

It begs the question of what new conditions are required for people to engage and practice new behaviours, and explore meaning making outside of becoming useful to a labour market.

Following that, what kinds of social and technological environments, economies and cultures are required? How might they embrace the diversity of a learner's complex life world, curiosities, values, inspirations and intelligences? 

As I alternate between 'researcher mode' to 'implementer mind' I'll be creating experiments for social and silicon technologies that support life long learning, and communities of practice.

My experiments are often โ€‹โ€‹action researchโ€‹ meaning that I answer questions mainly through building, running workshops and creating learning experiences while and reflecting in the process. 

If you've landed here, chances are, you're familiar with some of my work. Behind that work is me carving a path to remain deeply connected to some of my turtly questions Which revolve around a couple main themes.

๐Ÿ” Why Ed-Tech has failed to disrupt the classroom and alternate approaches to designing & deploying.

๐Ÿ” Adaptive & high agency learners, and how to support [[Guy Claxton]]'s notion of 'Results +'

๐Ÿ” Cross cultural anthropological studies on human development, learning networks and communities of practice.

๐Ÿ” Intergenerational & Inter-Org Knowledge - What can we learn from the longest enduring organisations? What and whose knowledge should be preserved and passed on to future generations / How and why will it be taught?

๐Ÿ” Scenius, Matchmaking and CrowdSource Problem Solving - What teaching, learning and relating is best to foster scenius? What technologies will help us solve problems together?

Underlying all this is a belief; That children are the key to the shackles created by the shortcomings of older generations. Without sustainable futures for them, there is no innovation or progress, no walking through the scientific orchard, or discovery of religious and mystical experience. They are the portal between this world and the future. So opening their creative aperture is opening our collective imagination towards new worlds and new ways of being together. 

Each new product, essay, handbook, and new social game is an experiment towards answering some of my deepest questions about human development. 

Creator @Edu-Creator OS, Pr Curriculum Designer @HumanSystems, Pedagogy @TheLearningSprint, Co-Creator @Social Arts Creator @Buildacommunity.co, Creator @anotionteacher

Workshops & Speaking


Ultimately I hope, with your support, we can create novel small scale learning-protopias. Learning spaces where the norms and interactions around pedagogy, curriculums, environments and assessments are quite different. 

Your support for this journey is deeply appreciated.

With nervous excitement and wild curiosity


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